Portneuf River at Edson Fichter Nature Area

Portneuf River at Edson Fichter Nature Area


Location Latitude N: 42.822078058
Longitude W: -112.403604500
Elevation: Bannock County, Idaho, on the downstream side of the Simplot Bridge in the Edson Fichter Nature Area park, 400 ft northwest of Indian Hills School and the intersection of Bannock Hwy and 2nd Ave in Pocatello.
Equipment YSI 5920 multiparameter water quality sonde with temperature, specific conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity
Period of Record 1 January 2002 – present during ice free conditions


The footbridge provides access to the east side of the river as well as an ideal mount for suspending the monitoring boom

The boom is hinged to allow it to maintain position at elevated flows

Fichter Gage House