Portneuf River Partnership

Improving surface and ground water resources
in the greater Portneuf Watershed through partnership,
outreach, research, monitoring and restoration activities.

The Portneuf Watershed Partnership (PWP) is a collaborative organization made up of local elected officials, tribal members, state and federal land management agencies, non-profit organizations and local industry. The PWP meets monthly to share activities, information, and resources that work toward obtaining the goal of improved water resources. The organization sponsors special projects that address the concerns of the stakeholders including on-the-ground projects, informational activities and public outreach.

Annually, the organization receives funds from local stakeholders to monitor the Portneuf River's health.

The Mission of the PWP is "To improve surface and ground water resources in the greater Portneuf watershed through partnership, outreach, research monitoring and restoration activities".

Restoration Projects

Discover Restoration & Research Efforts in the Portneuf Watershed