Portneuf River at Batiste Road Bridge

Portneuf River at Batiste Road Bridge


Location Latitude N: 42.913303741
Longitude W: -112.519835010
Elevation: Power County, Idaho, on downstream side of Batiste Road Bridge crossing, 50 ft west of the City of Pocatello Wastewater Treatment Facility, 1/4 mi west of the Bannock County line, 50 ft north of Interstate 15 West, and 3 mi west of Chubbuck.
Equipment YSI 5920 multiparameter water quality sonde with temperature, specific conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity
Period of Record 26 February 1998 – present during ice free conditions


Monitoring boom has moderately high current velocity

Amanda Rugenski, ISU, Mike Rowe, DEQ, and Sarah Bruer, ISU graduate student, use a bridge-board mounted winch to collect water and sediment samples

Irene Nautch records current readings