Portneuf River at Topaz Station

Portneuf River at Topaz Station


Location Latitude N: 42.624394013
Longitude W: -112.117096506
Elevation: Bannock County, Idaho, on the downstream side of the Portneuf Marsh Valley Canal (PMVC) Diversion, and 100 ft east of the intersection of U.S. Hwy 30 and Old Oregon Trail Road, 1.5 mi downstream of the USGS 13073000 Portneuf River at Topaz Idaho Gage, and 5 mi west of Lava Hot Springs.
Equipment YSI 5920 multiparameter water quality sonde with temperature, specific conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity
Period of Record 10 April 2003 – present during ice free conditions


Jim Brock working at the PMVC Diversion Structure

Portneuf Marsh Valley Canal - Topaz Station – Looking South towards Union Pacific Railroad Tracks

Topaz instrument tower